Our services

SIRIX is a strategic, commercial and development consultancy specialised in emerging markets.
We provide an array of broad consulting services from concept to  implementation. We do not restrict our offerings to specific projects. We assist our clients with our local knowledge, strong institutional relationships and strategic advice  in developing markets.

SIRIX general expertise is the design, implementation and maintanance of businesses in developing markets. We are not a niched consultancy and accept assignments within various disciplines and industries, wether you require a bankable feasibility study or a full commercial implementation or a structured regional partnership.

SIRIX specializes in ventures pertaining to business in developing markets while assisting our clients in identifying opportunities, tailor the business design and creating  the growth strategies. Our extensive knowledge and field experience working and living in developing markets have equipped us with unparalleled insight and expertise allowing us to quickly identify market opportunities and design appropriate business models that work. We follow political developments and make client specific assessments allowing companies to timely adapt to community and legislative change.

SIRIX is an engaged consultancy. We do what it takes to find a solution to your business needs. Whether that means assisting you with one small step along the way, or designing and executing a comprehensive business plan. Regardless of specifics, we focus all of our work on establishing businesses that coop with the specific environments and turn them into profitable opportunities.
Sustainability and socio-economic development is tomorrow’s profits.